St. Mary's Aces Badminton Club

About St. Mary's Aces Badminton Club

In May 2009 St. Mary's R.C. Church relocated to a brand new church building right next to St. Mary's R.C. Primary School on Belgrave Street. As part of the building work, a brand new sports hall was built which included facilities for a badminton court. From September 2009 Mrs Travis ran a weekly badminton coaching session at the school on Thursday evenings. The demand for the session was huge, with up to 20 children competing for time on the one court! Our club was formed to provide more opportunities for the children at St. Mary's to play badminton. Since January 2010 we have been running badminton coaching sessions at Coney Green / Radcliffe Riverside Community Sports Centre on 4 courts during term time. The enthusiasm of the children at St. Mary's has meant that our sessions have always been over subscribed since our first session! From May 2011 we started running two sessions on Monday evenings, one for the children and one for adults.