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GMJBL 2013/14 - Finals Results

GMJBL 2013/14 - Finals Results

Last weekend 3 St. Mary's Aces teams competed in the finals of the Greater Manchester Junior Badminton League. The day went really well with 2 of the teams winning almost all of their matches, coming top of their respective groups, earning themselves bronze medals. Congratulations to everyone who played in the teams on the day. Also a big thank you to all the players and parents who have supported our participation in the league this season.

St. Mary's Aces 'A' - GMJBL 2014 Younger Group 3 Winners

St. Mary's Aces 'A'
Younger Group 3 Winners

Dominic, Joe, Lauren, Carys

St. Mary's Aces - GMJBL 2014 Older Group 4 Winners

St. Mary's Aces
Older Group 4 Winners

Adam, Aimee, Jasmine, Harry

St. Mary's Aces players at the GMJBL Finals St. Mary's Aces players at the GMJBL Finals

St. Mary's Aces Players at the GMJBL Finals
Lauren, Brad, Joe, Dominic, Jake, Aimee, Jasmine, Harry, Adam, Heidi, Beth, Carys

Posted by Chris Travis on Sat 22 Mar 2014 at 14:18